Diabetes membership

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We may cover costs to help you become members of state or territory diabetes organisations. This will help to better understand and manage your overall health.

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What is state and territory diabetes organisation membership 

Each state or territory has its own diabetes organisation offering services and resources to help you manage your health.

We offer to fund your membership to help you manage your health.

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Who can receive it 

We will pay for your membership if you have diabetes and either a:

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What you can receive

Membership to a diabetes organisation can provide access to:

  • the organisation’s member magazine and website
  • social support and education programs
  • a booklet specific to your diabetes
  • workshops and support groups.
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How you access membership 

After your diagnosis, your state or territory organisation may contact you about membership. You can also contact them to join.

If you decide to join please ensure you obtain a receipt and complete the Diabetes Membership Reimbursement form and submit to DVA.

If you hold a Veteran White Card, you must have diabetes listed as an accepted condition.

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State and territory organisations

You can find more information about specific state and territory organisation’s using the contact information below:

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National Diabetes Service Scheme (NDSS)

Registration is free to all Australians who live with diabetes.

The NDSS is an Australian Government initiative which provides subsidised diabetes products to help Australians manage their diabetes.

If you are registered with the NDSS, and you hold a Gold Card or White Card with diabetes as an accepted condition, there will be no out of pocket costs for diabetes consumables that you order through your pharmacy. This is because the Australian government subsidises products and DVA has agreed to cover the co-payment for eligible DVA clients. If you are not an NDSS registrant and wish to register, you can do so at www.ndss.com.au/about-the-ndss/registration

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