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If you do not understand a decision about your claim, or you have questions, you may wish to speak to someone who can help. The letter you received detailing the outcome of the decision will have information on how to get in touch with DVA to speak with someone who can help you understand the decision and your rights.

Many people find this to be a useful first step. You can check that all the facts and relevant information have been considered and find out how and why the decision was made.

There are also a number of veteran and Ex-service organisations that exist to help veterans and their dependants in matters, such as welfare, pension services and advocacy in the appeals process. For a non-exhaustive list of organisations that can assist you in your query outside DVA, please see the Ex-service organisations page.

If you think a decision is wrong, you have the right to ask for a review. A review is the same as an appeal and will re-examine the facts and circumstances of the case to determine if an appropriate decision has been made. If you request a review of decision, you are expressing your dissatisfaction with the decision and appealing against it. If you have decided you would like to pursue a review, more information can be found on the I have received a decision from DVA and am not happy with the result, how can I appeal? page.

DVA is committed to customer service so we value feedback from you. If you have a complaint, compliment or suggestion about the service you have received, please click here to contact the Feedback Management Team.

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