Heart Health Program

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Keeping your heart healthy is important for your wellbeing. The Heart Health Program can help you to keep fit and improve your wellbeing.

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What is the Heart Health Program

The Heart Health Program is a free, year-long program. It can help you improve your physical health through:

  • practical exercise
  • nutritional education
  • lifestyle management.

The goal of the program is to help get you started with a daily routine of exercise and balanced nutrition.

The program is delivered by Corporate Health Management (CHM).

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Who can access it

You can access the Heart Health Program if both of the following apply:

  • you are a returned veteran or peacekeeper, OR
  • an ADF Fire Fighter, AND
  • you have not yet taken part in the program.

You may not be eligible for the program if you either:

  • are not a returned veteran
  • do not have operational or peacekeeping service.

An eligibility checker is available on the Heart Health Program website.

You will need medical clearance from your general practitioner (GP) before you can begin.

Speak with your GP about completing a Veteran Health Check prior to participating in the Heart Health Program. Your GP will review your current physical and mental wellbeing. They will also connect you with support after your transition from the ADF.

You can also find information about managing injuries and maintaining health on our website.

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What the program includes

There are 2 forms of the Heart Health Program:

  • The Heart Health Group Program.
  • The Individual Heart Health Program (for those veterans who are unable to participate in a group program).

Both forms run over 12 months (52 weeks). The program includes weekly tailored exercise sessions and 12 health education seminars over the course of the year.

Both programs include:

  • access to a team of health and fitness experts to support you
  • custom food diary reviews by a nutritionist
  • a participant manual
  • an achievement certificate upon completion.

We cannot pay the travel costs to attend program sessions. 

The Heart Health Group Program

You will meet regularly at a gym with a group of about 10 to 15 participants for activity sessions and educational seminars, which are run by experienced health and exercise professionals.

The group program includes:

  • weekly group exercise sessions
  • monthly health education workshops.

The Individual Heart Health Program

The individual program is delivered through phone, web and mail. You will be supported through the program by your GP and a health coach.

The individual program includes:

  • fortnightly phone sessions with your health coach
  • access to monthly health education modules
  • a personalised exercise program
  • exercise resources
  • fortnightly health articles.
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How you access

To take part in the Heart Health Program, call Corporate Health Management (CHM) on 1300 246 262.

You can find program locations on the Heart Health Program website which also has forms you may need throughout your participation in the program.

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What other help is available

Open Arms - Veterans & Families Counselling

A health and wellbeing portal that provides resources for you and your family.

Veteran Health Check

A health check with your GP that can help optimise physical and mental health and wellbeing and connect you with support after you transition from the ADF. 

Free mental health care for veterans

We can cover the cost of treatment for all mental health conditions without having to prove the conditions relate to your ADF service.


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