Dental Program Review

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We are undertaking a review of our dental program to investigate how it can continue to meet the current and future needs of the veteran community.

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What is covered by our Dental Program

Our dental program provides eligible clients with access to a comprehensive suite of dental services including:

  • preventive treatment such as examinations and cleaning
  • simple treatment such as fillings and extractions
  • complex treatment such as crowns, bridges, implants and dentures
  • emergency treatment following unforeseen injuries

Program eligibility is based on Veteran Card type:

  • Gold Card holders are entitled for treatment of all dental conditions
  • White Card holders are only eligible for treatment of their accepted dental condition or the dental consequences of cancer treatment.
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Why we are reviewing our Dental Program

We are undertaking a review of our dental program in 2020-21 to ensure it continues to meet the current and future needs of the veteran community. A key component of this review has been consulting with key internal and external stakeholders to ensure a high quality and comprehensive review. The review will:

1. Assess the appropriateness, effectiveness and efficiency of our dental program from a veteran, provider and Government perspectives, and

2. Provide findings and recommendations to inform any future program re-design.

The consultation process provided an opportunity for you to raise issues or concerns of relevance from veterans, ex-service organisations and providers.

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How feedback will be used

We sought feedback on a number of aspects of the dental program and have developed Discussion Papers for Ex-Service Organisations (ESO), veterans and their dependents and Dental Practitioners. These papers were developed for the purpose of consultation and seek stakeholder feedback on two broad themes:

  • the effectiveness of the current program
  • options for future program re-design

The input is helping guide the development of any changes to the dental program and better meet the needs of our veterans.

Making a Submission

Submissions for the Review are now closed. The Department would like to thank the members of the veteran and dental communities who provided their feedback.

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