Assistive Listening Devices

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Assistive listening devices (ALDs) work in combination with hearing aids and are designed to help you hear better in specific situations, such as using the telephone, watching television or in social situations.

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Combinations offer superior performance

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Experts advise, the combination of a radio frequency ALD, such as those available through DVA and hearing aids, such as those provided through the Hearing Services Program (HSP), provide superior performance in noisy environments and over distances than is possible from any hearing device alone.

You may also be able to access a combination of different ALDs if that is what is required to meet your hearing needs.

ALDs available through DVA include:

  • induction loops – a cable that picks up and transmits sound to your hearing aid, providing hearing support in a specific area
  • headsets for watching the television
  • microphone/FM listening systems
  • door bells and smoke alarms with lights
  • telephone accessories
  • streamers that transmit sound from a mobile phone, tablet or television to a hearing aid.

To access ALDs and hearing aids talk with your hearing provider. To be eligible for ALDs you must have a gold Card or a White Card with hearing loss or tinnitus as an accepted condition. Your hearing provider will prescribe the most appropriate ALDs for your condition and seek approval through DVA.

Find out how DVA supports veterans with hearing loss and tinnitus

If you are a hearing provider find out how to prescribe ALDs through DVA.

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For more information

For eligibility information go to the Items to help you in and around the home

Hearing Services Brochure (PDF 1.14 MB)

Hearing or speech impairment assistance

TTY users: 1800 555 677 ask for 1800 VETERAN (1800 838 372)
Speak and Listen user: 1800 555 727 ask for 1800 VETERAN (1800 838 372)
Internet relay users connect to the National Relay Service 1800 555 2

For more information about the Hearing Services Program, please contact

Australian Government Hearing Services Program

Phone: 1800 500 726
Email: hearing [at]
Website: Australian Government Hearing Services Program

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