Compensation payment rates for MRCA

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This page provides the current rates of compensation benefits that may be payable under the Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2004 (MRCA).

This information is current from 20 September 2023 to 31 December 2023.

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Permanent Impairment

Maximum weekly benefit - $405.11

Payments may be taken as a lump sum calculated according to age.

Additional payment for severely impaired veterans with eligible dependants - $104,291.61

*Note: Energy Supplement may also be payable.

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Benefits for incapacity for work

First 45 weeks after discharge 100% of normal earnings
Subsequently 75% of normal earnings
Lump sum redemption level $260.73
Remuneration loading for discharged members $183.45
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Up to - $3,076.16

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Special Rate Disability Pension

Maximum per week (before offsets apply) - $864.60

*Note: This rate includes Energy Supplement.

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Household services

Maximum per week - $573.61

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Attendant Care services

Maximum per week - $573.61

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Wholly dependent partners

Weekly compensation following death - $558.15

*Note: This rate includes Energy Supplement.

*Note: May be converted to a lump sum equivalent based on age.

Maximum additional compensation lump sum - $173,819.34

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Eligible young persons

Lump sum compensation following death $104,291.61
Periodic weekly compensation payment following death $173.46
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Other Dependants

Maximum lump sum compensation following death per person - $104,291.61

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Education Allowance for eligible young persons

Primary students (per year) $307.90

Secondary and tertiary students (fortnightly rate)

Age At Home Living away from home Homeless
Under 16 $63.70 $527.20 $609.80
16 - 17 $376.80 $609.80 $609.80
18 & over $434.00 $609.80 $609.80

*Note: These rates include Energy Supplement.

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Income Support Bonus

Secondary and tertiary students 16 years of age and over (twice a year) - $137.80

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Student Start-up and Relocation Scholarships

Student Start-up Scholarship (per year) $2,402.00

*Note: It is paid in two instalments of $1,201.00 per 6 month period.

Relocation Scholarship (per year)

Students in their first year of study while living away from home $5,080.00
Second and third years living away from home $2,541.00
Each year thereafter $1,269.00
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Funeral Expenses

Maximum - $14,062.53

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MRCA Supplement

Maximum per fortnight - $13.20

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Energy Supplement

An Energy Supplement is an ongoing fortnightly payment paid with compensation and income support payments. The rate varies according to the payment type.

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