Loss of earnings allowance

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What is Loss of Earnings Allowance

The allowance helps to replace lost pay if you need to take time off work to get treatment for a service-related injury or condition. We can also pay it to someone who takes time off work to help you get treatment or claim Disability Compensation Payment.

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Who can receive it

  You can receive the allowance as a veteran if you:

  • get the Disability Compensation Payment, but not at the Special Rate, or
  • have put in a claim for Disability Compensation Payment, and we need you to attend a medical appointment.
  • work and have lost pay or used up your sick leave while getting treated for a service-related injury or condition.

You need to have been employed and on unpaid leave for the period you are claiming.

If you are self-employed you will need to provide BAS or payslips (if sub-contracted) to provide evidence of your loss.

You can get the allowance as a representative if you:

You can get the allowance as an authorised attendant if you:

  • travel with a veteran who needs someone to go with them to get treatment or attend a medical appointment.
  • work and have lost pay while travelling with the veteran.
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How much you can receive

You will either receive:

  • the difference between the Special Rate (TPI) of the Disability Compensation Payment and the rate you got while you were off work, or
  • the amount of pay you actually lost.

You will get the smaller of these two amounts.

If you get a lump sum Permanent Impairment payment, it may reduce the amount of allowance you can receive.

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How to claim

You can apply by submitting claim form D3006.

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Important information

  • The allowance is linked to the Disability Compensation Payment, it is not paid in relation to Incapacity Payments.
  • You need to submit your claim within 12 months from the start of the time in which you lost earnings.
  • The allowance is meant to be a short-term payment. If you can’t work for long periods or indefinitely, you may need to apply for an increase in your Disability Compensation Payment.
  • The allowance is for when you can’t work because of medical treatment, not just because of your injury or illness.
  • Treatment for a service-related injury or condition can include time off work to rest and recover, if a doctor has recommended it.
  • You can claim the allowance if you are off work waiting for an artificial limb or other surgical device to be supplied or repaired.
  • If you have used up all your sick leave because of a service-related injury or condition, you can claim the allowance for unpaid sick leave even if you need it for a condition that isn’t service-related.
  • You don’t need to use up all your sick leave before claiming the allowance. You can choose to take leave without pay and claim the allowance for that time.



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