Compensation payment rates for DRCA and the Defence Act

Last updated: 
1 July 2020

This page provides the current rates of compensation benefits that may be payable under the Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation (Defence-related Claims) Act 1988 (DRCA) and the Defence Act 1903.

Note: All rates of compensation in this page are current from 1 July 2020. Rates should be checked with DVA for any changes after that date.

Permanent Impairment (DRCA)

Maximum non economic loss lump sum - $73,570.04

Maximum lump sum - $196,186.69

Incapacity payment (DRCA)

First 45 weeks - 100% of normal earnings

Subsequently - 75% of normal earnings

Lump sum redemption level - $122.67

Financial advice compensation (Defence Act)

Maximum - $1,768.14

Severe Injury Adjustment (Defence Act)

Maximum - $83,857.46

Additional amount for each dependent child - $93,365.76

Household services (DRCA)

Maximum per week - $490.44

Attendant Care services (DRCA)

Maximum per week - $490.44

Compensation following death for dependants

Maximum lump sum (DRCA) - $575,364.34

Additional Death Benefit (Defence Act) - $63,521.02

Dependent child

Compensation following death lump sum (Defence Act) - $93,365.76

Compensation following death weekly payment (DRCA) - $158.23

Funeral Expenses (DRCA)

Maximum - $12,491.46