Clothing Allowance

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What is Clothing Allowance

Clothing Allowance helps with the cost of wear and tear or damage to clothing caused by service-related injury or illness. Damage may be caused by treatment.

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Who can receive it

You may be able to receive the allowance if you get a Disability Compensation Payment for a specific war or Defence caused incapacity.

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How much you can get

The allowance is paid at a low, middle and high rate. The rate you get depends on your service-related injury or condition.

The allowance rates range from $7.70 to $16.90 per fortnight.

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How you claim

You can complete the Application for clothing allowance form and send it to us by:

  • email to [at], or
  • post to GPO Box 9998, Brisbane QLD 4001.

If you need help accessing or completing the form, you can contact us.

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Important information

  • Amputation of a foot is deemed to be an amputation of a leg.
  • Amputation of a hand is deemed to be an amputation of a arm.
  • If you need to use a crutch or crutches in addition to an artificial aid, you may get the higher rate of Clothing Allowance.
  • You may lodge additional claims to get the higher rate if your condition worsens.
  • Payment of this allowance is not included as income for Income Support Pension purposes.
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