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Find information about the Building Excellence in Support and Training grants and how to apply.

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What are Building Excellence in Support and Training grants

Building Excellence in Support and Training grants (BEST) support the work of ex-service organisations (ESOs) in providing advocacy services to the Defence and veteran communities. Advocates give advice and assistance about claims, entitlements and services.

The BEST grant is intended to be a contribution towards the costs incurred by ESOs in providing these services. The grants do not cover all the costs associated with employing advocates, and organisations are expected to provide in kind or other support.

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How can the grants be used

BEST grants are available to assist with:

  • salary costs of military compensation advocates who help veterans with their claims for compensation and administrative assistants who support this work
  • equipment and administrative expense assistance.

BEST grants are not available:

  • for rent, electricity or other utility costs
  • for any purpose other than advocacy
  • if the applicant has received a current grant from another source which fully funds the same activity or service
  • if the applicant charges for their advocacy services.

More information on the BEST program, including the Grants Opportunity Guidelines, will be available on the GrantConnect website when the grant round opens each year.

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Who can apply

ESOs that provide advocacy services for the Defence and veteran community can apply for a BEST grant.

The applicant needs to be an incorporated entity. Alternatively, the main incorporated ESO branch can sponsor a number of unincorporated sub branches.

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How do I apply

To apply for a BEST grant, use the GrantConnect website.

The Grant Opportunity Guidelines and information about how to apply are available on the GrantConnect website when the funding round opens.

Register on GrantConnect to be notified of grant round openings.

If you need more help, phone the Community Grants Hub on 1800 020 283 or send an email to support [at]

If you think you will need any assistance with your application, ask for help early. This will ensure that any issues can be worked through in time for your application to be considered for funding.

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How are applications assessed

Applications are assessed based on the criteria and workload information as set out in the BEST Grant Opportunity Guidelines.

The recommendations for funding are forwarded to the Minister for Veterans’ Affairs who makes the final decision.

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When will I know the outcome of my application

You will be notified of the outcome of your application for a BEST grant after the closing date and when the assessment process is completed.

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What happens if my grant application is successful

When a BEST grant is approved you will be sent a Grant Agreement. Payments are made after the applicant has signed the Grant Agreement.

Grants need to be acquitted when the project is completed and within the timeframe specified in the Grant Agreement.

Applicants cannot receive another grant until all outstanding DVA grant acquittals have been submitted.

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