Royal Commission – support available

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  • The Royal Commission provides counselling and support to assist those engaging with it. This includes support before, during and after a person participates in a hearing or private session. For more information, visit the Royal Commission’s website.
  • Veterans and families can also contact Open Arms – Veterans and Families Counselling for free 24/7 support and counselling on 1800 011 046.
  • Individuals and entities may be able to access financial assistance to meet the costs of legal representation if required to appear or participate in the Royal Commission, subject to eligibility criteria. For more information, visit the Attorney-General's Department's website.

A free and independent legal advisory service for people engaging with the Royal Commission is available through the Defence and Veterans Legal Service (DAVLS). The DAVLS is provided by Legal Aid NSW and can be contacted on 1800 33 1800. For more information, visit the DAVLS website.

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