Overseas privately-constructed memorial restoration program

Last updated: 
28 January 2020

The Office of Australian War Graves (OAWG), Department of Veterans' Affairs, on behalf of the Australian Government, administers the Overseas Privately-Constructed Memorial Restoration Program.

This grants program aims to assist Australian veterans and other individuals in the restoration and preservation of existing military unit and battle memorials, which have been constructed overseas.

Whilst OAWG is not responsible for these memorials, the Government has made funding available to assist with their restoration and preservation in the form of this grant. Any individuals, non-commercial organisations or community groups, who have an interest in seeing a particular pre-existing overseas memorial restored, can apply for the funding with their particular project plan.

To be eligible, memorials must be directly commemorative of Australia’s military involvement, including wars, conflicts and peacekeeping operations. Memorials must be pre-existing and on public display. Preference will be given to memorials constructed by Australian veterans and Australian veteran associations. Memorials constructed by other individuals or agencies will be considered on the condition that the memorial in question is commemorative of Australian Military service. While funding will be granted for restoration, ongoing routine maintenance will not be eligible for this funding.

More information about the Overseas Privately-Constructed Memorial Restoration Program and how to apply for this funding is provided in OAWG Overseas Privately-Constructed Memorial Restoration Program Guidelines. You will find a link to these guidelines below along with other supporting documentation necessary for the application of this grant.  

Submissions from interested parties should be forwarded to OAWG for assessment and all applications will be considered by the grants committee for recommendations to the Minister for Veterans’ Affairs.

For further information on submissions, after reading the guidelines below, please phone 1800 026 185 or email the Office of Australian War Graves at: wargraves [at] dva.gov.au

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