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DVA looks after four nominal rolls, which include the names of people who were in Australia’s defence forces and served in the Second World War, Korean War, Vietnam War and the First Gulf War.

Nominal Roll Activity Guide – for teachers and parents

These activities are designed for upper primary and lower secondary school students. Students will work through the process used to access and search for veterans using the Department of Veterans’ Affairs Nominal Rolls.

Students will initially focus on two well-known veterans, before then researching family members or friends who may have served. This resource can be used to support teachers and parents in their learning activities regarding Anzac Day or other days of remembrance.

Nominal Roll Activity Guide

Nominal Roll Activity Sheet

These activities aim to assist you in building student understanding and appreciation of the concept of commemoration and to broaden knowledge of Australia’s wartime experiences. The key concepts include: research, commemoration, identifying connections to the past, symbols, service and sacrifice.

Through this activity, students will learn to:

  • Undertake research using online tools.
  • Improve and refine results by refining search terms and parameters.
  • Identify theatres of war that Australia has participated in since the Second World War.
  • Identify the service of family members or friends who are veterans.
  • Connect with family and friends who are veterans, or who know their family history.

Activity Sheet

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