Preliminary Gulf War Nominal Roll

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This Preliminary Gulf War Nominal Roll, prepared by the Department of Veterans' Affairs in Canberra, lists Australian Defence Force personnel involved in that conflict. It includes all personnel involved in the hostilities and associated operations in the Persian Gulf from August 1990 to September 1991.

Contact with DVA regarding this Roll should be by telephoning the Nominal Roll toll free hotline 1300 780 133 (local call charge) or by email to nominal.rolls [at]"email link" or by writing to:

The Director
Nominal Rolls
Department of Veterans' Affairs
GPO Box 9998

The index relates to the surname of each individual.

Displaying 351 - 400 of 1873
Surname Initials Service number Sort descending Unit
Barter TJ 122263 HMAS Darwin
Eldridge GC 122267 HMAS Success
Parkes FJ 122269
Williams SC 122316 HMAS Sydney
Jenkinson TR 122326 HMAS Darwin
Williams RD 122354 HMAS Brisbane
Andrews SA 122356 HMAS Darwin
Jackson DL 122376 HMAS Adelaide
Black RH 122473 HMAS Westralia
Carroll SF 122497 HMAS Adelaide
Alsford AP 122500 HMAS Brisbane
Lawson JJ 122534 HMAS Adelaide
Gale AE 122537 HMAS Darwin
Mason GR 122542 HMAS Brisbane
Urquhart DW 122543 HMAS Darwin
Lange I 122546 HMAS Brisbane
Dummett PJ 122635 HMAS Darwin
Edwards BJ 122636 HMAS Westralia
Prohm SP 122641 LSE
Byers RW 122758 HMAS Westralia
Redriff C 122762 HMAS Adelaide
Gibbons RR 122794 HMAS Sydney
Culgan TN 122798 HMAS Brisbane
Ive KL 122868 HMAS Darwin
Maxwell EP 122883 Divers
Chelberg GW 122884 HMAS Adelaide
Devers L 122888 HMAS Success
Keane BM 122898 USNS Comfort
Gilbert DW 122911 HMAS Brisbane
Kent MK 122959 HMAS Success
Woodman SH 122996 HMAS Sydney
Watson GJ 122999 Navy HQ
Gadzio RS 123033 HMAS Brisbane
Chandler B 123257 HMAS Adelaide
Baker MW 123546 HMAS Darwin
Rouse AL 123571 HMAS Darwin
Voorham JA 123581 Divers
Rasmussen DP 123644 HMAS Darwin
Nichols LC 123659 HMAS Sydney
Loudon PA 123663 HMAS Sydney
Black AJ 123678 HMAS Brisbane
Jordan LF 123682 HMAS Darwin
Theunissen PC 123684 HMAS Darwin
Dalton PB 123749 HMAS Adelaide
Klaus DW 123805 HMAS Sydney
Crocker AJ 123849 HMAS Adelaide
Jarvis GA 123971 HMAS Adelaide
Coates GP 123981 HMAS Darwin
Allan JA 123992 HMAS Success
Bower RW 124000 HMAS Sydney
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