Preliminary Gulf War Nominal Roll

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This Preliminary Gulf War Nominal Roll, prepared by the Department of Veterans' Affairs in Canberra, lists Australian Defence Force personnel involved in that conflict. It includes all personnel involved in the hostilities and associated operations in the Persian Gulf from August 1990 to September 1991.

Contact with DVA regarding this Roll should be by telephoning the Nominal Roll toll free hotline 1300 780 133 (local call charge) or by email to nominal.rolls [at]"email link" or by writing to:

The Director
Nominal Rolls
Department of Veterans' Affairs
GPO Box 9998

The index relates to the surname of each individual.

Displaying 301 - 350 of 1873
Surname Initials Service number Sort descending Unit
Menhinick RT 120425 HMAS Brisbane
Thomas CW 120431 HMAS Darwin
Christian GD 120439 HMAS Darwin
Cantwell J 1205014 Dragoon U - 1 ARMD REGT (TANK)
Coombes PC 1205726 DSU SYDNEY
Wessels KR 1205729 DJFHQ
Clifford CV 120601 HMAS Darwin
Joy RA 1206173 US Army - ADSO (AASW)
Singleton SM 120637 HMAS Sydney
Bodnar SM 120655 HMAS Adelaide
Wright DJ 120845 HMAS Adelaide
Neylan GJ 120903 HMAS Brisbane
Bennett IR 120950 HMAS Darwin
Eames SM 120983 HMAS Brisbane
Whittaker AH 121002 HMAS Success
Samuel TL 121018 HMAS Success
Wheeler DJ 121104 HMAS Success
Blythman PM 121125 HMAS Brisbane
Dean R 121152 HMAS Success
Stephens MA 121168 HMAS Adelaide
Koost MR 121178 HMAS Darwin
O'Flanagan MM 121208 HMAS Brisbane
Brown AR 121312 HMAS Westralia
Coubrough JF 121314 HMAS Adelaide
Chave GJ 121384 HMAS Westralia
Miller GA 121425 HMAS Adelaide
Griffiths PJ 121506 HMAS Success
Aubrey SLF 121548 HMAS Adelaide
Walls RAK 1216 Navy HQ
Schedlich RB 121611 MHQ
Maloney OD 121664 HMAS Sydney
Reed PJ 121673 HMAS Darwin
Lewsley PJ 121705 HMAS Darwin
Davy LJ 121710 HMAS Darwin
Illyes D 121733 HMAS Sydney
Butler PL 121735 HMAS Sydney
Dolstra RW 121760 HMAS Darwin
Frankcom DR 121770 HMAS Sydney
Shelvey MA 122026 HMAS Brisbane
Moyle KD 122044 HMAS Darwin
Golding AT 122057 HMAS Sydney
Reeves SJ 122079 HMAS Darwin
Smith GM 122145 HMAS Brisbane
Gregory DJ 122193 HMAS Darwin
Banks NS 122213 HMAS Darwin
Griffith JR 122223 Divers
Dobson RT 122226 Harman - UK
Nelson PW 122248 Harman - UK
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