Preliminary Gulf War Nominal Roll

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This Preliminary Gulf War Nominal Roll, prepared by the Department of Veterans' Affairs in Canberra, lists Australian Defence Force personnel involved in that conflict. It includes all personnel involved in the hostilities and associated operations in the Persian Gulf from August 1990 to September 1991.

Contact with DVA regarding this Roll should be by telephoning the Nominal Roll toll free hotline 1300 780 133 (local call charge) or by email to nominal.rolls [at]"email link" or by writing to:

The Director
Nominal Rolls
Department of Veterans' Affairs
GPO Box 9998

The index relates to the surname of each individual.

Displaying 251 - 300 of 1873
Surname Initials Service number Sort descending Unit
De Maskens PA 118630 HMAS Success
Smith HJ 118713 HMAS Success
Pracy KR 118810 HMAS Brisbane
De Ruyter ML 118847 HMAS Brisbane
Zionzee RG 118861 HMAS Brisbane
Sheridan TJ 118873 HMAS Success
Whitehead I 118882 HMAS Darwin
McNeil RJ 118958 HMAS Adelaide
Zubrinich (Dec'd) BA 118988 HMAS Brisbane
Gonsior PE 118998 HMAS Darwin
Moore EM 119112 HMAS Success
Hodkinson DV 119166 USNS Comfort
Scheibl KFM 119192 LSE
Bingham LA 119260 HMAS Darwin
Sheldrick MA 119349 HMAS Darwin
Baxter MG 119396 HMAS Sydney
Graham RC 119486 HMAS Brisbane
Gropp T 119503 HMAS Adelaide
Manning LJ 119519 HMAS Sydney
Garvin NR 119529 HMAS Sydney
Diender RMJ 119599 HMAS Darwin
Buddle K 119607 USNS Comfort
Smith SG 119639 HMAS Adelaide
Van-Overdijk RN 119703 HMAS Sydney
Watson SM 119704 HMAS Adelaide
Griffiths AJ 119737 HMAS Darwin
Hill SJ 119738 HMAS Success
Kimber MP 119741 USNS Comfort
Edwards GR 119752 HMAS Success
Burchett ME 119807 Overseas - UK
Ladbrook GJ 119808 HMAS Darwin
Medlen DA 119810 HMAS Brisbane
Read GA 119826 USNS Comfort
Tucker JR 119831 HMAS Sydney
Stewart-Jones DM 119840 HMAS Sydney
Baker MW 119842 HMAS Brisbane
Allsop TJ 119949 HMAS Darwin
Curl IJ 119983 HMAS Adelaide
Hill DM 119991 HMAS Brisbane
Padman RD 120073 HMAS Westralia
McGoldrick A 120080 HMAS Brisbane
Neech CW 120139 HMAS Brisbane
Craine TR 120190 HMAS Sydney
Longland KJ 120204 HMAS Darwin
Duck KJ 120206 HMAS Success
Denning DS 120216 HMAS Success
Overstead PL 1202466 Observer - ADS OVERSEAS
Foley KJ 120274 HMAS Sydney
Poultney SH 120290 HMAS Brisbane
Matters DL 120323 LSE
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