Preliminary Gulf War Nominal Roll

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This Preliminary Gulf War Nominal Roll, prepared by the Department of Veterans' Affairs in Canberra, lists Australian Defence Force personnel involved in that conflict. It includes all personnel involved in the hostilities and associated operations in the Persian Gulf from August 1990 to September 1991.

Contact with DVA regarding this Roll should be by telephoning the Nominal Roll toll free hotline 1300 780 133 (local call charge) or by email to nominal.rolls [at]"email link" or by writing to:

The Director
Nominal Rolls
Department of Veterans' Affairs
GPO Box 9998

The index relates to the surname of each individual.

Displaying 201 - 250 of 1873
Surname Initials Service number Sort descending Unit
Kemp IJ 116819 HMAS Sydney
Smith CC 116831 HMAS Westralia
Harrison KJ 116879 HMAS Darwin
Amos GN 117019 HMAS Sydney
McNally BJ 117110 HMAS Darwin
Spicer KL 117121 HMAS Success
Williams TD 117123 HMAS Sydney
Campbell CM 117136 HMAS Darwin
Zwerwer M 117165 HMAS Adelaide
Brew PG 117179 HMAS Adelaide
Bambrook CM 117211 HMAS Brisbane
Maclean RD 117229 HMAS Brisbane
Connors RJ 117265 LSE
Dunn BF 117290 HMAS Brisbane
Difford A 117496 HMAS Success
Hanigan RC 117577 HMAS Darwin
McAdam MS 117586 HMAS Darwin
Pasfield SJ 117590 HMAS Adelaide
Webb PJ 117642 HMAS Westralia
Holden RW 117699 HMAS Success
Walbank MJ 117712 HMAS Adelaide
Sheather EH 117752 HMAS Darwin
Worboys SR 117811 HMAS Brisbane
Warcaba RM 117838 HMAS Darwin
Beggs DI 117902 HMAS Sydney
McDougall BR 117921 HMAS Westralia
Arnold GW 117963 HMAS Success
Thomas AG 118026 LSE
Rees RR 118137 HMAS Success
Tarrant DG 118187 HMAS Brisbane
Herbst PJ 118229 HMAS Darwin
Norton SV 118256 HMAS Darwin
Blake ME 118281 HMAS Brisbane
Howlett MW 118292 HMAS Adelaide
Shelton SJ 118359 HMAS Brisbane
Schonberger JP 118382 HMAS Darwin
Scarfe JA 118392 HMAS Sydney
Gregg KN 118427 HMAS Success
Hair NR 118428 HMAS Sydney
Whalley AC 118434 HMAS Darwin
Russell PJ 118445 HMAS Sydney
Dunleavy SC 118455 Divers
Matthews MP 118475 HMAS Darwin
Press JW 118486 HMAS Success
Edwards AB 118558 HMAS Adelaide
Heatley DW 118565 LSE
Long CJE 118571 HMAS Sydney
Power RD 118622 LSE
Blaik PG 118624 HMAS Darwin
Rowe R 118627 HMAS Brisbane
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