Preliminary Gulf War Nominal Roll

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This Preliminary Gulf War Nominal Roll, prepared by the Department of Veterans' Affairs in Canberra, lists Australian Defence Force personnel involved in that conflict. It includes all personnel involved in the hostilities and associated operations in the Persian Gulf from August 1990 to September 1991.

Contact with DVA regarding this Roll should be by telephoning the Nominal Roll toll free hotline 1300 780 133 (local call charge) or by email to nominal.rolls [at]"email link" or by writing to:

The Director
Nominal Rolls
Department of Veterans' Affairs
GPO Box 9998

The index relates to the surname of each individual.

Displaying 51 - 100 of 1873
Surname Initials Service number Sort descending Unit
Wilkins SA 109659 HMAS Adelaide
Walters KA 109685 USNS Comfort
Stewart FJ 109737 HMAS Sydney
Logan SM 109910 HMAS Sydney
McLean WJ 110422 HMAS Brisbane
Beaven (Dec'd) LC 110524 HMAS Darwin
Fenton SK 110633 HMAS Sydney
Osborne RA 1106753 2 FD AMB
Lynn RJW 110742 HMAS Brisbane
Robinson JV 110770 HMAS Brisbane
Smith PW 110921 HMAS Sydney
Gorman DW 110944 HMAS Darwin
Radburn PJ 110961 HMAS Success
Rogers IR 110999 HMAS Westralia
Michael DC 111108 MHQ
Furness HG 111122 HMAS Darwin
Robinson BC 111136 LSE
Gudgeon RI 111161 HMAS Westralia
Nordahl K 111169 RANLO Bahrain
O'Brien JI 111170 HMAS Darwin
Torevell R 111266 HMAS Sydney
Williams KJ 111311 HMAS Brisbane
Langridge SJ 111379 LSE
O'Donoghue JM 111559 HMAS Brisbane
Radojkovic AH 111573 HMAS Sydney
Hughes DM 111584 HMAS Sydney
Johnston CD 111669 HMAS Success
Fancourt DL 111677 HMAS Sydney
Taylor JW 111709 HMAS Brisbane
Hall SE 111908 HMAS Brisbane
Wickham AJ 111950 HMAS Sydney
McConachy AM 111982 HMAS Sydney
Whittington PJ 112057 HMAS Sydney
Rees NJ 112072 HMAS Sydney
Matthews WJ 112225 HMAS Brisbane
Hubbard SW 112240 HMAS Brisbane
Frangez MA 112265 HMAS Success
Glazner WJW 112315 HMAS Sydney
Cookson R 112385 HMAS Brisbane
McConnell JM 112477 HMAS Brisbane
O'Hagan BR 112607 HMAS Brisbane
McCarthy AR 112653 HMAS Adelaide
Majewski PA 112670 HMAS Darwin
Tallon DS 112730 HMAS Adelaide
Olson PRT 112753 HMAS Success
Thompson S 112787 HMAS Adelaide
Turner RC 112799 HMAS Adelaide
Given DJ 112835 HMAS Brisbane
Klau KJ 112839 HMAS Success
Scott RK 112850 HMAS Brisbane
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