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19 December 2019

"If any resting places under heaven are made beautiful by men's hands, these will be, upon which the whole affection of the Empire will lavish its care."
Where the Australians Rest, Department of Defence, Melbourne, 1920.

More than 90,000 Australians never returned from the World Wars. Those who were able to be identified now lie in marked graves in over 78 countries around the world. Every Australian war grave is and always will be cared for in perpetuity by a grateful nation.

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission and the Office of Australian War Graves (as its agent) share responsibility of maintaining Australian war graves in close to 800 cemeteries from the First and Second World Wars. Australia, as a member government, also contributes to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission in proportion to the number of its war dead (6.05%).

War cemeteries overseas with more than 200 Australian war dead

Belgium | Egypt | France | Germany | Greece | Indonesia | Israel | Japan | Lebanese Republic | Libya | Malaysia | Myanmar | Papua New Guinea | Singapore | Syria | Thailand | Turkey | United Kingdom


  • The numbers in the following lists include both identified and unidentified remains. The names of all whose remains were never identified are listed on Memorials to the Missing.
  • Links in the lists take you to more information about each cemetery, provided on Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

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Greece and Crete


Israel and the Palestinian Territories


Lebanese Republic

  • Beirut War Cemetery
    269 Australian burials or cremations from the First and Second World Wars



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Papua New Guinea



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All of Gallipoli

2,848 Australian burials or cremations from the First World War including:

United Kingdom