Last updated: 
10 January 2020

Notes for - Practitioners

You can download the GP Notes as a Word document.

GP registration should be directed to the Services Australia

GP enquiries and changes to provider details should be directed to the Department of Veterans' Affairs — phone 1800 550 457.

Additional GP practice incentives and payments

Veterans' Access Payment (VAP)

GPs may claim a supplementary Veterans' Access Payment (VAP), for services provided to eligible veterans and dependants.

The VAP can be claimed using the Medicare bulk billing incentive item numbers: 10990, 64990, 74990, 10991, 10992, 64991 and 74991.

For more VAP information see the following DVA Fee Schedules for Medical Services.

The Practice Nurse Incentive Program

The Practice Nurse Incentive Program (PNIP) provides incentive payments to practices to support an expanded and enhanced role for nurses working in general practice.

Under the PNIP, eligible practices receive an annual, per veteran payment based on the number of Gold Card holders who receive an 'in room' consultation in that practice each year. Payments are calculated by Medicare Australia and paid in August each year. An amount is paid for each DVA Gold Card holder, regardless of the practice location, nursing qualifications or the number of nurses per practice. There are no limitations on the number of DVA loadings paid per practice.

Where a Gold Card holder chooses to use more than one practice each year, the loading is divided across the practices based on the percentage of total consultation fees paid.

For more information on PNIP refer to Medicare Australia

Rural enhancement initiative

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Repatriation Commission and the Australian Medical Association Ltd (AMA) makes provision for a higher fee to be paid to GPs who provide services to veterans in identified rural public hospitals.

GPs participating in the rural enhancement initiative receive a 10% loading on top of the GP rate. This initiative applies in:

  • NSW
  • Victoria
  • South Australia
  • Western Australia.

You can view a list of identified rural hospitals.

GPs who treat veterans at any of these identified hospitals are eligible to receive higher fees for all MBS services provided for eligible veterans.

Participating in the Rural Enhancement Initiative

1. Apply for Medicare provider number

Apply for a provider number for the specified hospital(s) where you provide services by completing an Application for a Medicare Provider Number for a Medical Practitioner form and submit it to Medicare Australia. The form is available directly from Medicare Australia.

2. Advise DVA

Once your provider number is assigned, advise DVA of your number. DVA will record the details, which will inform Medicare Australia that this practice attracts the higher fee.

To contact DVA please call the provider enquiry line (Option 3, then Option 2).

3. Bill to practice location

All services that you provide at the hospital(s) must be billed at that location to ensure that the correct payments are made. Services provided at eligible rural hospitals, but billed to other practice addresses, will not be paid at the higher rate.

Veteran Health Check

The Annual Veteran Health Check is available for those who transitioned from 1 July 2019. All those who have served in the ADF can access a One-Off Veteran Health Check any time after transition.

Find out more about Veteran Health Checks.

Making requests to DVA and referring to other health care providers

This voucher should be used when:

  • directly referring a veteran to another health care provider
  • requesting prior financial authorisation for a treatment service for a veteran
  • requesting a rehabilitation appliance for a veteran
  • requesting an hire car or taxi for a veteran.

Note: GPs may use their own stationery or letterhead rather than a D0904 provided that all the necessary information is included and legible. This includes, but is not restricted to the following information:

  • veteran's name
  • veteran's DVA file number (shown on the Repatriation Health Card)
  • veteran's date of birth
  • veteran's address
  • veteran's clinical details (including recent illnesses, injuries and current medication, if applicable)
  • condition to be treated
  • description of the requested service
  • GP's name and provider number
  • date of referral.

For referral to any health care provider, it is the GP's responsibility to provide the above information about a veteran to ensure that the provider understands the veteran's medical history and to allow the provider to claim payment from DVA.

GP and specialist fee schedules

For information on fees visit fees schedules.

How to claim for treatment provided

Medicare Australia processes claims for health providers on behalf of DVA. To find out more visit the how to make a claim.

Additional resources

'Information for Medical Practitioners' Package

The below package provides GPs (particularly new and international medical graduates) with information about DVA-funded health services.

Diabetes educators

DVA has contracted diabetes educators to provide allied health services to eligible Gold and White Card holders. For more information or to find a DVA-contracted diabetes educator in your area, please contact DVA.

Veterans' MATES programme

The Veterans' MATES programme provides information for health professionals to assist their veteran patients to manage their medical conditions, particularly through appropriate medicine use. Read more about the Veterans' MATES programme or visit Veterans' MATES.


For comments and feedback, please use the Evaluation form or providerpartnering [at] (email DVA's provider partnering).