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Webclaim is here

DVA Webclaim is here

Still use paper for The Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA) claiming?

DVA launched the DVA Webclaim 2014/15 for allied and medical providers who provide services to the veteran community. This means all medical and allied health professionals can claim online via DVA Webclaim (except community nursing and hospitals).

DVA Webclaim is a no-cost online service that has been developed specifically for practices who still use paper to claim. DVA Webclaim will help reduce the administrative costs and practice resources required to service the needs of veterans. The system will enable medical providers to lodge claims (except hospital and community nursing claims) through an online 'smart form', removing the delays associated with preparing and lodging paper-based claims. DVA Webclaim is available on the Commonwealth Department of Human Services (DHS) Health Professional Online Services (HPOS) portal.

DVA Webclaim is a stand-alone claiming channel that is not integrated with a provider's practice management software.

For more information on vendor software please see information on integrated online claiming options, browse a list of DVA compatible medical software vendors or visit the Medical Software Industry Association members page for general medical vendor information.

DVA Webclaim benefits:

  • Receive an instant response to claims you submit
  • Receive payment within a maximum of two business days (compared with twenty business days if you submit DVA claims by paper)
  • Access up to two years of your electronic DVA statements
  • Download your DVA claiming history for the previous two years
  • Cancel paid claims submitted on the same day, and;
  • Use the HPOS secure email facility to ask DHS questions about your claims
  • Claims are paperless and patient signatures are not required

Is DVA Webclaim automatic?

DVA Webclaim is a stand-alone claiming channel that is not integrated with a provider's practice management software. DVA Webclaim requires the manual input of claiming data into a smart-form. See information on integrated online claiming options or visit the Medical Software Industry Association website.

What I need as a Provider:

Health professionals need a Medicare provider number and Provider Digital Access (PRODA) to access DVA Webclaim.

If you have a current Medicare provider number you can apply for PRODA access now.


For instructions on registering for PRODA go to the Department of Human Services PRODA page, follow the steps and create a PRODA account today.

If you have PRODA access which has lapsed you can call Department of Human Services eBusiness 1800 700 199.

Visit the Health Professional Online Services (HPOS) portal

Need to update or register your banking details with the Department of Human Services?

Fill out the Provider registration for Electronic Funds Transfer payments form (PDF 188 KB) and return it to DHS.

For more DVA Health Service Provider information:


More information will be published here shortly and distributed through DVA's provider publications such as the News for Health Professionals

Important Webclaim announcements will also be available through our social media: Facebook and Twitter

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