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As a general practitioner this information will help you check if a veteran is eligible and suitable to take part in our program.

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Who is eligible

A veteran may be eligible for rehabilitation assistance from us if they have an accepted injury or condition. 

If a veteran already has a condition accepted by us they can apply for the program directly.

If a veteran does not have an accepted injury or condition they can lodge a claim to have it considered by us through MyService. They can also make a claim under the appropriate act. They can:

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How to apply for the rehabilitation program

A veteran who has an accepted condition for injury can apply by completing the relevant claim form:

After the clients completes the relevant claim form they need to send it along with all documentation to either:

Clients should keep a copy of the claim form and any documents provided with it for their personal records.

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Get information about rehabilitation for your client

If a veteran would benefit from more information or advice about our program you can contact us on their behalf.

Before you contact us about rehabilitation for your client you need to make sure:

  • you have consent from your client to do so
  • the client has already lodged a claim for liability for an injury or condition with us

To let us know your client will benefit from rehabilitation you can:

We will follow up with the client.

Not all veterans will be eligible for our rehabilitation program. Some veterans may be eligible for rehabilitation aids and appliances.

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Follow up and management

After we do a needs assessment we will inform the veteran in writing and refer them to a rehabilitation provider.

The rehabilitation provider will develop an assessment report and create a rehabilitation plan. This is done in consultation with the client. The plan will include:

  • rehabilitation goals
  • specific activities
  • the people involved
  • time frames

The plan is a living document and can change depending on client needs.

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Rehabilitation program information for veterans

If the veteran requires more information please direct them to the rehabilitation client page. You can also email the rehabilitation team at rehabilitation [at] for more information.

More information is in the Rehabilitation for DVA Clients booklet. Please note the names and codes of pages mentioned in the booklet may have changed.

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