Health Providers' Partnership Forum

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The Health Providers' Partnership Forum (HPPF) meets regularly to discuss health matters relating to veterans. The forum allows us to collaborate and work with peak bodies from the health sector. 

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What the forum does

The HPPF provides peak bodies with access to relevant DVA program managers.

The forum ensures that we have access to expert advice and evidence-based research. 

Using the advice, research and our own strategic priorities, we develop:

  • veteran health policy
  • service delivery arrangements

Forum agendas draw on:

  • health sector input
  • discussions with DVA business areas
  • findings from other groups

We continue to meet with professional associations outside the formal forum meetings.

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Who is on the forum

Meeting attendees can include:

  • standing members from DVA and the ex-service community
  • interested health organisations and associations

A representative from the National Consultation Framework forum provides the ex-service organisation's (ESOs) and veterans' perspective.

We invite peak body associations on our health sector database.

To find out if your association participates please contact the secretariat. 

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The next HPPF will be held on Friday 23 July 2021.

If the chair cannot attend a meeting then the deputy chair will run it.

The forum is a consultative group and decides issues by consensus. If this is not possible, the chair decides.

The forum meets 3 or 4 times a year. The chair may schedule extra meetings if they are necessary. 

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Contact details

If you would like to propose an agenda item, please submit a completed coversheet:

Send correspondence to one of the following:

  1. by email to: providerengagement [at]
  2. by mail to:

HPPF Secretariat
Department of Veterans' Affairs
GPO Box 9998

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Terms of Reference

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Meetings summaries


23 July 2021

Meeting summary (PDF 833 KB)
Meeting summary (DOCX 38 KB)

12 March 2021

Meeting summary (PDF 775 KB)
Meeting summary (DOCX 82 KB)


4 December 2020

Meeting summary (PDF 618 KB)
Meeting summary (DOCX 78 KB)

15 September 2020

Meeting summary (PDF 468 KB)
Meeting summary (DOCX 83 KB)

30 June 2020

Meeting summary (PDF 354 KB)
Meeting summary (DOCX 77 KB)

13 March 2020

Meeting summary (PDF 468 KB)
Meeting summary (DOCX 81 KB)


8 November 2019

Meeting summary (PDF 599 KB )
Meeting summary (DOCX 385 KB) 

3 July 2019    

Meeting Summary (PDF 602 KB)
Meeting Summary (DOCX 96 KB)

27 February 2019

Meeting summary (PDF 730 KB)
Meeting summary (DOCX 90 KB)


22 August 2018

Meeting summary (PDF 220 KB)
Meeting summary (DOCX 30 KB)

8 June 2018

Meeting summary (PDF 380 KB)
Meeting summary (DOCX 30 KB)

12 April 2018

Meeting summary (PDF 360 KB)
Meeting summary (DOCX 30 KB)

DVA's Health Service Provider Engagement and Communications Strategic Plan (PDF 400 KB)

18 January 2018

Meeting summary (PDF 330 KB)
Meeting summary (DOCX 50 KB)


1 November 2017

Meeting summary (PDF 347 KB)
Meeting summary (DOCX 25 KB)

17 August 2017

Meeting summary (PDF 207 KB)
Meeting summary (DOCX 24 KB)

17 May 2017

Meeting summary (PDF 138 KB)
Meeting summary (DOCX 31 KB)


27 October 2016

Meeting summary (PDF 180 KB)
Meeting summary (DOCX 30 KB)

28 July 2016

Meeting summary (PDF 60 KB)
Meeting summary (DOCX 30 KB)

23 March 2016

Meeting summary (DOCX 30 KB)


24 September 2015

Meeting summary (PDF 80 KB)
Meeting summary (DOCX 30 KB)

Provider Engagement Model (PDF 190 KB)
Provider Engagement Model (DOCX 40 KB)

16 June 2015 stakeholder workshop

Discussion paper (PDF 270 KB)
Discussion paper (DOCX 90 KB)

Workshop outcomes (PDF 140 KB)
Workshop outcomes (DOCX 50 KB)

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