Incentive payments for General Practitioners

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There are a number of incentive payments available to practitioners working with our clients.

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Veterans' Access Payment (VAP)

As a General Practitioner (GP) you may claim a supplementary VAP for services you provide to eligible veterans and dependants. You can only claim VAP using the Medicare bulk billing incentive item numbers:

  • 10990
  • 64990
  • 74990
  • 10991
  • 10992
  • 64991
  • 74991

The VAP is also payable with GP telehealth items introduced for COVID-19 as part of our changes in service delivery.

We have the fee schedules for medical services available online.

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The Practice Nurse Incentive Program (PNIP)

PNIP provides incentive payments to practices to enhance and expand the role of nurses working in general practice.

Each year practices receive an annual per client payment based on the number of 'in room' consultations they provide. This only applies to clients who have a Veteran Gold Card. There are no limits on the amount per practice.

Medicare calculates the payments. They make the payments in August each year. Visit the Medicare website for more information on PNIP.

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The Rural Enhancement Initiative

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Repatriation Commission and the Australian Medical Association Ltd (AMA) makes provision for us to pay a higher fee to GPs who provide services to veterans in identified rural public hospitals.

GPs participating in the rural enhancement initiative receive a 10% loading on top of the GP rate. This applies in:

  • NSW
  • Victoria
  • South Australia
  • Western Australia

You can view a list of identified rural hospitals.

If you treat veterans at any of these identified hospitals you are eligible to receive higher fees. This applies to all MBS services provided for eligible veterans.

Participating in the Rural Enhancement Initiative

There are 3 steps to participating in the Rural Enhancement Initiative.

1. Apply for a Medicare provider number

Apply for a provider number for the specified hospital or hospitals where you provide services. To do this complete the Application for a Medicare Provider Number for a Medical Practitioner form and submit it to Medicare Australia.

2. Let us know

Tell us your provider number when you get it. We record the details, which will let Medicare Australia know that this practice attracts the higher fee.

3. Bill to practice location

You must bill all services that you provide at the hospital or hospitals to that location. This helps make sure you get the correct payments. We will not pay the higher rate for services you provide at eligible rural hospitals but bill to other practice addresses.

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Contact us

For invoicing and billing enquiries call 1300 550 017.

For other provider enquiries call 1800 550 457.

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