Veterans' MATES

Last updated: 
8 January 2020

Veterans' medicines advice and therapeutics education services (Veterans’ MATES)

The Veterans’ MATES programme provides information for health professionals to assist their veteran patients to manage their medical conditions, particularly through appropriate medicine use. The programme draws on Repatriation Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme data to identify and address the most common medication-related problems among veterans and war widows.

Veterans’ MATES provides written advice to general practitioners (GPs) and pharmacists about potential medication problems with their veteran patients and encourages investigation, review and changes in treatment for those veterans. Information is also provided to other health professionals depending on the particular topic.

GPs and pharmacists can participate in professional development programmes through Veterans’ MATES to earn extended skills points. The data gathered about this programme has shown a high degree of patient and participant satisfaction. More information for GPs and pharmacists is available from the Veterans’ MATES website.

Veterans’ MATES enquiries

The prescriber helpline- 1800 500 869
The veteran helpline- 1300 556 906