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Last updated: 
13 January 2020
Hearing loss and tinnitus are two of the most common conditions experienced by former Australian Defence Force personnel. Due to the nature of military training and service, veterans of all ages may experience one or both of these conditions.

Order DVA hearing resources for your clinic

Hearing services for veterans

DVA supports veterans with service related hearing loss and tinnitus by funding a range of products and services.

Funding appointments and tests

For veterans to determine if their hearing loss or tinnitus are service-related conditions.

Hearing Services Program (HSP)

Hearing Services Program provides a full range of high-quality devices available through the Hearing Services Program (HSP), including the Community Service Obligations component, administered through the Department of Health.

Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs)

A range of ALDs are available through DVA’s Rehabilitation Appliances Program (RAP).

Tinnitus treatments

Clinical assessment of tinnitus, reasonable and scientifically validated treatments provided by an audiologist, specialised tinnitus therapy, hearing aids with tinnitus settings and devices to aid sleep will be considered.

Community Service Obligations

Community Service Obligations provides hearing services to eligible Australian citizens and residents and is administered through the Department of Health.

How you can support veterans

Explore all suitable HSP devices

There are more than 210 high quality devices available through the HSP. These devices are provided at no cost to eligible veterans. Most DVA clients hearing needs can be met through the HSP.

Consider a combination of ALDs and hearing aids

Consider if a combination of ALDs and hearing aids will address the hearing needs of the clients. ALDs can be obtained through RAP.

  1. Find out about the ALDs available through RAP go to RAP National Schedule of Equipment.
  2. When prescribing devices through RAP you must identify the clinical need that will be addressed through your prescription, particularly if they hold a DVA White Card.
  3. Send your prescription to RAPgeneralenquires [at] dva.gov.au with any supporting documentation/reports.

Tinnitus Treatments

If the client’s tinnitus is severe and can’t be managed through HSP devices. You can refer the client to an Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) specialist for assessment and treatment.

The Audiologist or ENT will need to seek prior approval from DVA before treatment commences. The request should include:

  • audiology and/or ENT reports
  • evaluation of tinnitus severity
  • proposed rehabilitation plan
  • associated expenses.

DVA can fund reasonable and scientifically validated treatments. Requests for prior approval should be sent to DVA via health.approval [at] dva.gov.au

Funding hearing devices not on the HSP

Only in exceptional circumstances where there is evidence that all HSP devices and combinations with ALDs have been explored and prior approval has been sought prior to provision from DVA.


DVA clients are eligible if they hold one of the following a:

  • DVA Gold Card
  • DVA White Card with hearing loss or tinnitus as accepted conditions. Your prescription must be a clinical need that aligns with their accepted condition.

Information about eligibility for the HSP, including the CSO component, is available at Australian Government Hearing Services Program

Prescribing through RAP


RAP is a program designed to help eligible veterans, war widow(ers) and their dependants to live safely and independently, both at home and in the community. The program provides aids, appliances and modifications based on the individual’s clinical need, their ability to use the equipment safety and if it will improve their independence or self-reliance and it is part of their health care or rehabilitation plan.

For more information

For more information about the Hearing Services Program, please contact DVA health provider enquiries:

DVA health provider enquiries

Hearing providers can contact DVA if they have any queries:

Phone: 1800 550 457
Email: Health.Approval [at] dva.gov.au