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Fee schedules

Last updated 1 May 2018

Fee schedules are available for download as follows:

Fee schedules index

For more detailed information about particular fees, see the fee schedules index pages:

Previous software vendor files are available at Software Vendor Files.

Medicare Benefits Schedule indexation measure

The Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) indexation measure announced in the 2017–18 Budget phases the reintroduction of indexation to the MBS and Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA).

Indexation will recommence for related DVA services as follows:

  • 1 July 2017 for GP bulk billing incentives
  • 1 July 2018 for standard GP consultations (GP attendances in MBS group A1) and specialist attendances
  • 1 July 2019 for specialist procedures and optometry
  • 1 July 2020 for targeted diagnostic imaging services, including computed tomography, mammography, fluoroscopy and interventional radiology.

Note: Indexation for DVA dental and allied health services will commence 1 July 2018.

As a result of this measure, from 1 July 2017 the Veterans Access Payment (VAP) items will be increased.  The VAP can be claimed using the Medicare Bulk Billing Incentive item numbers as follows:

Item Number Current fee 1 July 2017
Medicare Bulk Billing Incentive item numbers
10990 $7.20 $7.30
10991 $10.85 $11.00
10992 $10.85 $11.00

Review of DVA's dental and allied health arrangements

Following a commitment in the 2015-16 Budget, the Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA) has commenced a review into its arrangements covering dental and allied health services provided to DVA clients. The review is timely given the commencement of the Department of Health's review into Medicare arrangements also arising from the 2015-16 Budget.

Dental and allied health professionals provide a broad range of health care services across physical, mental, cognitive and social areas through diagnostic, technical and therapeutic practice. The priority for the review will be to ensure the continued quality, effectiveness and appropriateness of DVA funded dental and allied health services.

The review will look for opportunities, where appropriate, to rebalance DVA funded dental and allied health arrangements to ensure that the services continue to best meet the current and future needs of the veteran community.

To ensure the breadth of provider groups covered by the review are considered, DVA will engage broadly across industry. Peak associations representing dental and allied health providers will be invited to participate in a consultation process for the purpose of the review. Provider representation will be enabled through participation in a range of working groups based on treatment types. The working groups will focus on identifying and prioritising issues for consideration.

In addition to consultation with providers, the review will also consult the ex-service community through the DVA Ex-service Organisation Round Table.

Any enquiries regarding the review should be directed through relevant industry peak associations.

To read the draft Terms of Reference for the review please follow this link:

DVA fee indexation arrangements

The continued pause of indexation for all Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) fees until 1 July 2018 was announced by Government as part of the 'Strong and Sustainable Medicare' package at the 2014-15 Mid-Year Economic Fiscal Outlook.

As a result of this measure, the 1 July 2016 indexation pause for all MBS and DVA specific medical items will continue until 1 July 2018.

To maintain consistency, DVA will align its dental and allied health service fees with this indexation pause, and the next indexation for these services will also be on 1 July 2018.

For a full list of MBS services to be indexed on 1 July 2018 see the Medicare Benefits Schedule Online website.

DVA will undertake a review of dental and allied health services arrangements specific to the veteran community to complement the broader review of the MBS to be conducted by the Department of Health.


If you have any queries about fees and fee schedules contact the DVA Health Provider Line:

Department of Veterans' Affairs Optometry Fees as of 1 January 2015

On 1 January 2015, all optometry fees on the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) will be reduced so that the rebate is reduced by 5 per cent. This is a result of a 2014–15 Government Budget measure.

Under DVA arrangements, the optometry fees will remain at the fee levels prior to 1 January 2015. Optometrists will continue to direct bill DVA through the Department of Human Services using existing MBS optometry item numbers for the consultation services provided to DVA clients. Optometrists will continue to receive the full payment for the services with no scope to charge a co-payment to a DVA client.

For a full list of the "Optometrist Fees for Consultations" under DVA arrangements see the Fee schedule page under service providers.

DVA fees for uploading into medical software can be found at Medical software vendor file.

Changes to comprehensive eye examinations

From 1 January 2015 the period for comprehensive eye examinations for asymptomatic patients under the Medicare Benefit Schedule (MBS) will be:

  • extended from two years to three years for patients aged under 65 years old, and
  • reduced from two years to one year for patients aged 65 years and over.

This is a result of a 2014–15 Budget measure. Changes to MBS items are as follows:

  • Item 10900 has been removed and replaced with two new MBS items.
  • New item 10910 has been introduced for comprehensive eye examinations within 36 months for asymptomatic patients under 65 years.
  • New item 10911 has been introduced for comprehensive eye examinations within 12 months for asymptomatic patients at least 65 years of age.
  • Items 10907, 10912–10914, 10921–10929 have been amended accordingly to recognise these new items.

See the MBS Online website for item announcement.

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