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You’re invited to test DVA Toolbox for Coordinated Veterans’ Care

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Thursday 21 June 2018 - The Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) is currently testing a new DVA Toolbox for Coordinated Veterans’ Care (CVC), which supports medical clinics and practitioners who enrol and care for DVA clients in the CVC Program.

The DVA Toolbox for CVC provides a convenient online centre of information and resources, including a CVC Eligibility Checker and Care Plan Builder.

The aim of the initiative is to simplify the enrolment process and assist practitioners to understand, enrol and coordinate care for veterans in the CVC Program. For example, it includes a simple and easy-to-use Claim Calculator, which generates a claim timetable that can be incorporated into a practice’s reminder system.

During the Beta testing phase, medical clinics and practitioners can access and trial the Toolbox. Users can then provide feedback to DVA about their experience that will help to ensure the Toolbox meets practices’ needs.

The Beta draft Toolbox is not yet fully populated but DVA will draw on the feedback from practitioners to further develop and refine the resource before it is released publicly following the testing period.

The CVC Program supports practitioners to manage chronic conditions and quality of life for eligible DVA clients who are most at risk of unplanned hospitalisation. It is available to Gold Card holders, including veterans, war widow/widowers and dependents, who are living in the community and have one or more chronic conditions.

Through the CVC Program, GPs are able to provide ongoing, comprehensive and coordinated care to eligible Gold Card holders, with the assistance of their practice nurse or community nurse (from a DVA-contracted provider).

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