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Providers can access advice on veteran mental health

Wednesday, 29 August 2018 — ThA man with complex mental health issuese Australian Government has launched a new Practitioner Support Service (PSS) that will provide expert advice and consultation to health providers and agencies around Australia who are supporting and treating veterans with mental health issues.

Providers who treat veterans with complex mental health issues can access a panel of highly experienced veteran and military mental health specialists for information and advice.

A general practitioner, for example, working with a veteran in a rural or remote setting, will be able to get expert specialist advice on how to best treat and support an individual with complex PTSD, pain or other mental health issues.

In 2016, the Australian Government provided $6 million to Phoenix Australia to establish the Centenary of Anzac Centre to target early intervention for mental health treatment for veterans. The Centre comprises a Treatment Research Centre and the Practitioner Support Service.

The Centre will investigate and test new treatments for PTSD and other mental health conditions and provide expert advice and support to mental health practitioners.

The Practitioner Support Service will provide a multidisciplinary focus and guidance on the treatment of complex mental health problems in veterans and military personnel. The team will engage a network of clinical experts and other leaders in the field to ensure specific advice is matched to practitioners’ needs and will use a variety of communication methods to ensure the service is available to all practitioners.

Services can be accessed by either telephone or the Phoenix Australia website, which also provides links to best practice and professional development.

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