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Improving access to mental health care for transitioning ADF personnel

An example of a DVA white cardThursday, 19 July 2018 — From mid-2018, eligible ADF members transitioning from Defence will automatically receive a DVA White Card to access DVA-funded mental health care from GPs, psychologists, psychiatrists or other health providers.

The card can be presented to their health provider to receive treatment for any mental health condition regardless of the severity or cause.  The condition does not need to be service related and includes PTSD, anxiety, sleep disorders, alcohol use disorder and substance dependencies, etc.

Transitioning personnel will not be expected to pay any amount to access mental health service via this initiative, however, a co-payment will be required for pharmaceuticals prescribed as part of the treatment.

If you are a health professional being approached by an ex-serving member for mental health treatment via a White Card, please check the veteran’s eligibility with DVA on first presentation of the card.

If the member has not yet received their White Card, they may access service by using their letter from DVA confirming eligibility.

DVA encourages health providers to alert their veteran patients to the mental health support available to them, including a White Card if they do not already have one.

Any person with at least one day of permanent or continuous full-time service is eligible to access Non-Liability Health Care for DVA-funded mental health treatment. A diagnosis is not required, and there is no need for patients to link the mental health condition to their military service or make a compensation claim.

Contact DVA

  • Telephone: 1800 555 254 for enquiries from veterans
  • Telephone: 1800 550 457 for enquiries from providers
  • Email

For further information:

  • Non Liability Health Care
  • AT-Ease — DVA's online mental health portal
  • VVCS — you could also remind your veteran patients about the Veterans and Veterans Families Counselling Service. VVCS can be reached 24 hours a day across Australia for free confidential counselling and crisis support. Phone 1800 011 046.
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