Changes to DVA funded exercise physiology services from 1 September 2021

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As part of the 2021–22 Budget measure Improving the integrity of health provider payments for the Department of Veterans’ Affairs from 1 September 2021, exercise physiology services cannot be provided on the same day as another musculoskeletal service including chiropractic, osteopathy or physiotherapy services to treat the same condition. This changes brings greater alignment between arrangements for exercise physiologists and other musculoskeletal providers providing services under DVA arrangements.

The budget decision is supported by expert clinical advice that receiving more than one musculoskeletal service for the same condition on the same day will not necessarily provide a greater clinical benefit. This advice is based on widely accepted evidence-based approaches in clinical practice relating to multidisciplinary care teams that deliver physical and exercise therapies.

In exceptional clinical circumstances where a client may benefit from receiving more than one musculoskeletal treatment on the same day to treat the same condition, DVA’s prior approval arrangements remain available. Providers seeking prior approval will need to provide clinical justification to support this course of treatment.

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