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Figure 1: Operation of the treatment cycle

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  1. Patient visits the GP
    • The GP works with the patient to plan health care goal and treatment options, which may include a referral to an allied health provider or different type of provider.
  2. GP refers patient to allied health provider
    • The GP writes a referral to the allied health aprovider to initiate an episode of allied health treatment. The referral is limited to a maximum number of treatments (up to 12).
  3. Allied health provider treats patient
    • The allied health provider assesses the patient, develops a treatment plan, delivers treatment and reviews outcomes against treatment plan.
  4. Patient returns to GP for review
    • The allied health provider communicates with the GP regarding the outcomes of the treatment plan, including any recommendations for further treatment. The GP assesses the outcome of the allied health treatment.
  5. Treatment completed or additional referral generated
    • The GP will determine whether treatment should continue or not and, if so, which form of treatment and who the provider will be.

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