Precommencement — non-HR onboarding

Last updated: 
6 May 2020

For building-only access for both contracted office staff, who do not require access to the Department of Veterans’ Affairs' (DVA) IT network, and contracted trades people such as cleaners, facilities maintenance personnel, and base building contractors.

DVA pre-commencement checking process

As part of its "onboarding" process, the DVA is required to check your suitability to commence working with us.

This process is called "Pre-commencement checking".  The process is a risk assessment that is underpinned by your submission to DVA of a complete pre-commencement package. The package incorporates two forms and appropriate Proof of Identity (PoI). The forms are available from the following links:

The link to this page will have been provided to you by your DVA Departmental (or DVA representative) "on boarding" Point of Contact (PoC).

To commence the process you are required to carry out the following steps:

  • download the two text-fillable forms located at the links above
  • read the forms and consider your responses carefully
  • complete the forms clearly and legibly
  • if necessary save the forms to your device, for your record
  • print these forms and sign the declarations (by hand—no electronic signatures will be accepted)
  • if emailing your application, clearly scan (preferably in colour) the package, including PoI
  • attach and return all of the scanned forms and PoI to your DVA PoC who will then email them to security [at]

Important notes

For currency, only ever use the forms supplied on this page.

  • The completed package will include your PoI documents.
    PoI documents must include a document proving your Australian citizenship—for example, Australian Birth Certificate. Australian citizenship certificate, Australian passport (biographical page only). If you cannot provide proof of Australian citizenship you are advised to discuss this, and any other citizenship issues, with your DVA PoC prior to submitting these forms.  
  • This process may take up to and occasionally beyond 20 business days after the submission of the package to determine suitability. Your cooperation is vital. Do not delay submission. 
  • You will be approached to rectify any issues noted in your submitted package.  Carefully check your package prior to submission, as issues may delay the process and your commencement. 
  • Any questions, issues or feedback on this process should be provided to your DVA PoC.