New resources to help educate ahead of Anzac Day

DVA has sent more than 17,000 schools, community groups and ex-service organisations across Australia a resource pack to help Australians learn more about the service of our defence forces.

This year’s resource pack includes:

  • Stories of Indigenous Service – a companion text to DVA’s Indigenous Service School Resources kit, with more stories of the experiences of Indigenous men and women who served during the First and Second World Wars
  • new online resources in the series Expressions, which helps students understand commemoration through art; and Great Debates, which examines the role of the Australian media in the Vietnam War
  • a commemorative poster marking the 30th anniversary of the Australian peacekeeping mission to Somalia.

Schools, ex-service organisations and community groups are encouraged to make full use of these informative and interactive resources to help all those eager to gain a deeper appreciation of service for our country.

To download these free and creative resources, visit DVA’s Anzac Portal.

DVA Anzac Day 2022 Resources Pack