180 veterans already navigating life after service with Go Beyond

A message from the Gallipoli Medical Research Foundation (GMRF)

More than 180 veterans have now received support with their transition into civilian life through Go Beyond, the self-directed training program created by the GMRF and RSL Queensland in May last year.

Leaving Defence can be tricky for some people. GMRF research shows that almost 50% of veterans find adjusting to civilian life difficult. Now the free, online program, Go Beyond, is available to help veterans get the most out of life after service.

After a brief survey, Go Beyond gives you a tailored learning program based on your individual adjustment needs. Programs focus on five key areas to help guide you through adjustment to civilian life.

Go Beyond can:

  • help you to find purpose and connection in life after Defence
  • share some new and different ways you can ask for help
  • give you the tools to have positive conversations with civilians about Defence
  • show you how the skills you learned in Defence can be used in the civilian world
  • guide you through the positive parts of reintegration if you’re feeling lost or have regrets.

Many people have already experienced the benefit of Go Beyond. The program is free to use for all veterans, and the content can be revisited at any time.

‘I wish I had [the Resentment and Regret] module earlier,’ says Laura, a veteran. ‘I went through a lot of the situations the module discusses and the program has helped me to put a lot of past experiences into perspective.’

Wherever you are, whenever you want, visit Go Beyond.