Where homeless veterans can find support

In this new video from DVA TV, Duncan talks about how he lost his house, his job and his marriage all due to alcohol misuse. Fortunately, he was able to get back on his feet with the help of DVA, Open Arms – Veterans & Families Counselling as well as RSL Care SA (via Andrew Russell Veteran Living).


There is support available for you and your family if you are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. You can go to one of our Veterans’ Access Network offices to talk to someone about your situation. They can:

  • refer you to support services in your local area
  • connect you with our support services
  • provide you with information on any support payments available to you
  • provide you with information about Services Australia (Centrelink) payments and services
  • connect you to a network of organisations that can assist you.

If you need urgent help, please visit our Receive urgent help and support page. If life is in danger, call triple zero (000).

For more information, see the Homelessness Support Services page.

Open Arms

If you are at risk of homelessness, Open Arms – Veterans & Families Counselling can help put you in touch with crisis support services in your area.

In crisis situations, Open Arms can also provide support for crisis accommodation. Its Crisis Accommodation Program allows someone to pause, be in a safe location, and creates a period of time to manage factors contributing to the crisis situation. Any person who is eligible for Open Arms services can access the program. 

For more information about Open Arms, visit its website or phone 1800 011 046. Open Arms is a confidential service and available 24 hours a day.

The RSL, RSL Care and RSL LifeCare

Different RSL support organisations operate in different parts of Australia.


Whether you need to access safe and secure long-term accommodation, secure your existing accommodation or transfer to a more stable home environment, the team at RSL LifeCare Veteran Services can work with you to help you live sustainably in your chosen community.

RSL LifeCare Veteran Services, the partner charity of RSL NSW, offers a range of homelessness and housing services to veterans and families including:

  • Emergency accommodation
  • Financial assistance including help to pay rental bills or bond payments
  • Rent Choice Veterans Program, to help obtain a new rental lease and/or secure subsidised rent
  • Homelessness assistance, providing access to safe, secure and stable accommodation

Visit the RSL LifeCare website or call 02 8088 0388.

For urgent assistance after hours please call Link2Home Veterans on 1800 326 989

Queensland and Tasmania

RSL Queensland provides homelessness and emergency accommodation, partnering with The Salvation Army to assist veterans in accessing safe and sustainable rentals. Once you’re safe, we can help you find appropriate rental accommodation, and link you to our holistic range of services such as:

  • advocacy – support with DVA claims and appeals
  • employment – assistance in securing meaningful employment.

To find out more about these services, visit the RSL Queensland website.

RSL Tasmania works with RSL Queensland to provide these veteran support services within its region.

South Australia

The Andrew Russell Veteran Living (ARVL) program, a division of RSL Care SA,  helps any ex-service person in South Australia who is homeless or at risk of homelessness to access appropriate and affordable housing solutions and practical supports. The emphasis is on helping veterans  to achieve positive accommodation outcomes for themselves.

Visit the ARVL website  or phone 0488 137 570.


RSL Victoria and it’s sub-branches provide an access point for veterans and families in need of housing and accommodation services where and when they need it. RSL in Victoria links individuals and families to service providers through our leadership, partnerships and veteran support services. 

For more information about our services visit the RSL Victoria website or contact 1300 MILVET.

Western Australia

RSL Western Australia State Branch helps homeless veterans to secure safe affordable accommodation through both financial and practical support. Veterans are referred, in the first instance, to the Open Arms Crisis Accommodation Program, with RSLWA providing vouchers for food and other essential items. The Welfare Team continues to work with the veteran providing assistance in advocacy, financial counselling and employment services if appropriate.  

For more information, visit the RSL WA website

For more videos about the veteran community and support available, visit the RSL Victoria website or contact 1300 MILVET.