The Maryborough Military and Colonial museum

A message from the Maryborough Military and Colonial museum

For those who have not yet visited the incredible Maryborough Military and Colonial museum (MMCM) north of Brisbane, there awaits an astounding and world class collection of items that will interest veterans and civilians alike.

The most recent acquisition is Sgt James (Paddy) Todds’ medals and accoutrements. Paddy was wounded by a mortar landing between his feet during the battle of Long Tan in Vietnam. Due to the ground being sodden and muddy his heels bore the brunt of the explosion.

Paddy was crawling back into the perimeter the next morning when he was very nearly shot by a fellow Australian soldier on piquet.

As Paddy had no family, the MMCM was given Paddy’s initial set of medals by 6th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment. The then managing director of the museum, the late John Meyers applied to the Honours and Awards section of the Department of Defence and obtained all of Paddy’s other original medals. The medals are now on display with many other military treasures (see image).

The MMCM also boasts the largest collection of Gallipoli officer gallantry awards in the world. This huge and priceless collection is held in a special viewing room in the museum and is a must for historians, writers and collectors to see.

112 volunteer veterans run the museum, which has won the best Fraser Coast tourism award for three years in a row and is now in the tourism Fraser Coast Hall of Fame.

We would like to invite all veterans, families and friends to visit our museum if they pass through Maryborough on their travels.

See the MMCM website for more information.

Medals, insignia and photo in display frame
Colonial era building