Melbourne Legacy’s Case Management Model for families in need

A message from Melbourne Legacy

We provide comprehensive case management services to almost 300 families of post-1991 veterans, and this number is growing daily. Our case management model is all-encompassing and applies for life. So, when the veteran family needs support, Melbourne Legacy is here to provide it.

The model ensures these families are supported emotionally and financially by a team of qualified social workers and counsellors with a diverse range of professional knowledge and lived experience. By commissioning extensive research into the ex-service organisation (ESO) sector and veteran community in Victoria, we have been able to identify and close service delivery gaps through:

  • employment of a team of professional case managers providing welfare, well-being and referral services
  • employment of Veteran Liaison Officers providing outreach support, advocacy and referral services
  • providing case management services that are strengths-based and applied through a psychosocial model of assessment
  • applying a service model that supports ‘a hand-up not a hand-out’ and is focused on building resilience and self-reliance
  • the establishment of the Vivian Bullwinkel Veterans and Families Wellbeing Centre to provide a safe haven for veterans and their families to access support services in the Melbourne CBD
  • promoting collaboration in the ESO sector, with RSL Victoria and Soldier On re-locating their welfare teams to Legacy House Melbourne
  • creating an integrated service with:
    • equine therapy provider Path of the Horse to provide trauma relief and counselling services in a supported and calm environment
    • Australian Money Mentors to provide money mentoring, education and literacy services
  • partnering with Geelong Adventure Specialists to provide social connection and community support for children of veterans.

The basis for our case management model is listening to people and being able to provide understanding and a helping hand. Melbourne Legacy’s case managers are patient and supportive as they work to assess each family’s needs depending on their unique circumstances and then develop a plan to best support the family. The plan may include help with education costs, emergency financial assistance, counselling services or support and guidance for alternative housing, but is not limited to these outcomes.

Uncertainty is a common issue for many of the families Melbourne Legacy supports, giving rise to anxiety and stress levels. Many of the veteran families we support have reported relationship issues and some, sadly, are dealing with domestic violence.

The struggles that some veteran families are facing is hard. However, the case management model helps lessen those struggles as the families move to greater self-reliance and the ability to build their best future.

If you live in the Melbourne area and the immediate family of a post-1991 veteran, get in touch with us on (03) 8626 0500.

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