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The following books have been written, and often self-published, by veterans who have contacted Vetaffairs asking that we bring them to readers’ attention. If you have a book for a subsequent edition, please email vetaffairs [at], noting that we might not have room to include it. Please provide the following: title, name of author, blurb (short description that we reserve the right to edit), publisher (if any), price, how to buy it, and image of front cover.

Please note that the following are not reviews or promotions of the books. DVA takes no responsibility for the accuracy of their content or the opinions expressed in them.

Bush Connections – A Vietnam Conscript’s Memoir
By Kevin Moss OAM

Book cover showing man on horse among cattle

Boy becomes man in this strong portrayal of Kevin Moss’s transformation from carefree jackeroo to conscripted soldier in the Vietnam War. On his return to Australia, he struggles to regain his equanimity and cast off the devils born of his wartime experiences as he attempts to resume a meaningful and productive life. Kevin is a former Army officer with 23 years service.

  • 237pp
  • Cost: $20 plus $5 postage within Australia
  • To buy: email kevin.moss04 [at] gmail.comtarget="_blank" and deposit $25 into BSB: 633 000 Acc: 187 483 094








The Tiger has Many Lives: The Story of Rod Wells
Compiled by Pamela Wells

Book cover showing man in military uniform

This biography is a remarkable tale of survival in the Second World War. It contains first-hand accounts of POW life in Borneo’s Sandakan Camp and the equally infamous Outram Road Gaol in Singapore.

As a prisoner of war in Borneo’s Sandakan, Rod joined a local underground movement. Using his ingenuity and skill, he built a wireless radio and a transmitter virtually from scratch. Arrested by the Kempeitai in 1943, Rod was subjected to brutal torture.








Sustaining the Fight – RAASC Operations in Vietnam
By Russ Morison

Book cover showing montage of photos from Vietnam

This book reflects the work of the Royal Australian Army Service Corps (RAASC) companies and those 4000-plus unit members who served in the Vietnam War. It includes more than 200 photos, stories of the units, some patrol reports and personal stories. It is for veterans and non-veterans alike and is intended to remember and honour those who served.

  • 240 pages in full colour
  • Cost: $39 plus postage of $13 (if required).
  • To buy: contact Russ via dabblers2 [at] or 0408 947 935








How to research and honour our returned war heroes
By Ian D Burrett JP

Book cover showing three WWI soldiers posing by house

Described by Dr Brendan Nelson AO as ‘the stuff of legend’, this book gives step-by-step guidelines to assist communities and RSL sub-branches update their local war memorials to also name returned veterans. It’s virtually a text book.

It also gives invaluable advice on how to research and better honour both those who died and those who served in all wars and conflicts.

  • 279 pages
  • Cost: Normally $39.99. For Vetaffairs readers,signed copy for $25 plus postage. Enter the code: V5A8N49 when ordering below.
  • To buy: 








Bullets, Bombs And Buffalo Bulls
By Colin Knox

Book cover showing images from Vietnam and buffalo catching

This is a memoir of Colin Knox, an Australian who served in Vietnam with Charlie Company 7 RAR. He also worked as a station hand and buffalo bull catcher in the Northern Territory and as a timber cutter in Queensland. Having worked in such adventurous and dangerous jobs, the author recounts both humorous and scary stories about his work days.

  • 156 pages
  • Cost: $29.95
  • To buy: Pearls Books n Music in Cairns, or online at








The Invisible Trauma – Coping with PTSD
By Dave Morgan

Book cover with title 'The Invisible Trauma'

Dave Morgan gives a detailed and clear account of his battle with PTSD. He describes his traumatic experience in Vietnam and how PTSD gradually emerged after his return to Australia. There is no completely effective treatment for PTSD, but people like Dave Morgan are doing all they can to reach that goal.

346 pages

Cost: $29.99

To buy: as well as all bookstores including Big W, Booktopia and Amazon







The Digger of Kokoda – the official biography of Reg Chard
By Daniel Lane

Book cover with photo of old man on black background

The biography of 98-and-a-half-year-old veteran Reg Chard was published in July 2022, coinciding with the 80th anniversary of the 1942 Battle of Kokoda. Reg, just 18 years old when sent to war, endured a hell like no other on the infamous Kokoda Trail. As one of the last surviving soldiers of the campaign, he has now become a custodian of its legacy. This deeply moving, healing and inspiring biography tells us of Reg's war in the jungle and how, 80 years after the battle that saved Australia, Kokoda still lives within him.

  • 368 pages
  • Cost: $36.99 (paperback); audiobook ($34.99); ebook ($17.99)
  • To buy: Book stores, Amazon and the Pan Macmillan website 







Townsville in War and Peace 1942–1946
Edited by Geoff Hansen and Diane Menghetti

Book cover saying Townsville in war and peace, 1942 to 1946

This edition contains three new essays including one on Townsville’s most decorated Second World War soldier Bill MacIntosh MC MM. Having committed his post-military career to assist service men and women with the challenge of dealing with life after service in the Australian Defence Force, the author was particularly moved by Bill’s story. Civilians and military alike will find it captivating, not to mention enlightening.

  • 241 pages
  • Cost:  $40 plus postage. There is also a bulk discount.
  • To buy: admin [at] or








From boy to man – Sailing with the Royal Navy in World War Two
By Frederick Rogers

Book cover showing aircraft carrier from the air

The book deals with Frederick Rogers’ life aboard the aircraft carriers HMS Furious, hunting the terror battleship Tirpitz in Norway`s fjords, and the Illustrious dodging Japanese suicide planes while guarding convoys. It also follows his life after the Navy.