Become a Legatee – Scott Biddell’s story

A message from Legacy Australia

Warrant Officer Scott Biddell had been looking for a volunteer opportunity that aligned with his Air Force values, so it was timely when a military mate introduced him to Legacy.

As a second-generation serviceman with over three decades of dedication to the Australian Defence Force (ADF), Scott strongly identified with the military values, culture and commitment of Legacy in serving our veterans’ families.

‘For me, I saw becoming a Legatee as an extension of my ADF service,’ he said. ‘We as Defence members become almost like a family unit; it's the concept of leaving no man behind. You’re there to support those people no matter what.’

Because Scott knew this to be the founding philosophy of Legacy – ‘look after the missus and kids for me’ – he felt becoming a Legatee would fulfil his personal intent to assist the families of those who gave their life, or health, in service to our country.

‘I see it as an extension of my ADF service,’ he said. ‘Legacy keeps people together and supports those who have, in their own way, also made sacrifices for the Defence Force.’

Scott was inducted as a Legatee at Sydney Legacy’s Hawkesbury Sub-Division and gives what time he can to supporting widows and families in his local community. Besides his routine of checking in with widows and making sure they aren’t feeling isolated or experiencing any difficulties living independently, one of Scott’s most rewarding efforts has been in supporting a young 13-year-old boy whose father (a veteran) tragically passed away from a heart attack.  

‘This boy was at a juncture in his education where reassurance and confidence to go forward was hugely important,’ said Scott.

With his Dad gone, Scott could see the teenager was looking for a senior male he could talk to about how to navigate his way through high school.  

‘I spoke to him on the phone a week before he started high school, and he had a lot of trepidation. Then I contacted him a week later, and he had made a couple of friends, and things were looking pretty good.

‘Sometimes just being a good listener can make a difference to families who are missing a partner or parent, and as a Legatee it’s so gratifying to be that sounding board.’ 

While Scott has a service background, it’s not a prerequisite to becoming a Legatee.

Legacy welcomes mature volunteers from all walks of life who can bring broad-based life skills and empathy in caring for Legacy families.

If you’re interested in knowing more about becoming a Legatee, simply contact your nearest Legacy Club (there are 44 clubs around Australia) or go to the Legacy website.

Man in suit smiling at camera with Sydney's Hyde Park fountain in background

Legatees like Scott come from all walks of life to support Legacy and their families.