75th anniversary of Australian peacekeeping

Commemorating the 75th Anniversary of Australian Peacekeeping.



Nationally broadcast commemorative service to mark the 75th Anniversary of Australian Peacekeeping


Wednesday, 14 September 2022


10:30 am


Australian Peacekeeping Memorial, Anzac Parade, Campbell, Canberra


A national commemorative service will be held on 14 September to recognise the 75th Anniversary of Australia’s involvement in international peacekeeping operations.

In 1947, Australians were part of the first group of United Nations military observers anywhere in the world, and in the Netherlands East Indies (now Indonesia) became the first peacekeepers to go into the field.

Since that time, Australian Peacekeepers have served in locations ranging from the Middle East to Africa, Iraq, Afghanistan, Cyprus, East Timor, Southeast Asia, Bougainville, the Solomon Islands and many more.

Tragically, 16 Australians have lost their lives during peacekeeping operations.

The 75th Anniversary commemorative service will be an opportunity for all Australians to pause, reflect and acknowledge the service and sacrifice of all Australians that have contributed to Peacekeeping since 1947.

What to expect

The Department of Veterans’ Affairs will deliver a televised commemorative service to mark the 75th Anniversary of Australian Peacekeeping at the Australian Peacekeeping Memorial on Anzac Parade, on Wednesday, 14 September 2022, commencing at 10:30 am.

This commemorative service provides an opportunity to recognise and acknowledge those Australians who have contributed and continue to contribute to Australian Peacekeeping across the world.

The commemorative service will be broadcast live across Australia by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and streamed online. The ABC will also make the broadcast available to other networks to provide all members of the community the opportunity to acknowledge the 75th Anniversary of Australian Peacekeeping in solemn and dignified manner from their home.

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