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No one left behind

Cover of book called No one left behind, showing photos of man when young and old

Keith Payne VC AM

From the battlefields of Korea, Malaya, and Viet­nam to the struggle for veterans’ welfare, Keith Payne has never shied away from a fight. More than 50 years ago, this bravery saw him receive the Victoria Cross. This definitive autobiography reveals the story of a big-hearted, iconic Austral­ian who continues to fight for his mates.

Hard cover, photographs, 448 pages.


‘Lest We Forget’ rosemary brooch

Brooch in shape of green and purple plant

Crafted from brightly coloured resins, the ‘Lest We Forget’ brooch is a beautiful symbol of remem­brance. It features a silver-plated steel clasp and comes in an attrac­tive gift box. Each piece is assembled by hand so variations may occur. The brooch measures 7.7 cm (h) x 4.4 cm.

Limited stock available.


Rosemary seedling kit

Box with the word Rosemary on it, next to sprig of rosemary

Believed to improve memory, rosemary (Salvia Rosmarinus) is a symbol of remembrance. Grow your own living tribute to the Anzacs with a rose­mary seedling kit developed exclusively for the Australian War Memorial. Each eco-friendly kit includes a biodegradable pot, soil pellets, sachet of seeds, and instruction leaflet.

PLEASE NOTE: Not available for delivery outside Australia.