Veterans’ Health Week 2021

Veterans’ Health Week (VHW) 2021 will run from 16 to 24 October with the theme of ‘Get Moving’ (physical activity). Events can be held two weeks before and two weeks after these dates. The funding application form, guidelines and other information can now be found on DVA’s Veterans' Health Week webpage.

Physical activity is one of the most important contributors to a person’s emotional, mental and physical wellbeing, and is even more important due to the challenges faced in the past 15 months with COVID-19.

Increasing your physical activity has also been shown to assist in the prevention of cardiovascular disease and diabetes in addition to supporting a healthy body weight as well as joints, muscles and bones. To maintain good levels of both physical and mental wellness, it is recommended to exercise at least 30 minutes a day.

With restrictions designed to help protect the Australian community during the COVID-19 pandemic, please consult the public advice available from the Department of Health in your state or territory.

about what restrictions apply for people getting together. Organisers are encouraged to avoid activities such as bus trips and boat trips as these events require people to gather in close proximity.

If you are looking for event ideas, please contact your local DVA Community Support Adviser who will be able to provide ideas and inspiration that will help you get a great outcome for the veterans and families in your community.

All state and territory phone numbers can be found on DVA’s Veterans' Health Week webpage, and for general enquiries you can call the National VHW Coordinator on 1800 VETERAN (1800 838 372) or email vhw [at]

We are looking forward to your participation in this year’s Veterans’ Health Week.

Logo for Veterans Health Week with DVA crest