More support for older veterans and their families in residential aged care

Older veterans and their families will receive increased support through the Budget 2021-22 with $246 million to improve the care delivered to veterans and their families through mainstream in-home and residential aged care.

As part of this measure, the Government is providing $22.7 million to ensure the 17,000 DVA clients living in residential aged care facilities are able to access allied health, aids and appliances through DVA card arrangements, just as they did when they were living in their own home. Currently, only those clients classified as requiring low level care can access these DVA-funded services.

The expansion is a component of the Government reforms to Australia’s aged care system. The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety recognised the importance of allied health in supporting ageing Australians to maximise independence and autonomy.

Veterans and their families have existing access to allied health and rehabilitation aids and appliances while living in their own homes. However, that access becomes limited once clients move into residential aged care. This initiative ensures that in addition to the services provided by their residential aged care facility, DVA clients can continue to access allied health and aids and appliances through DVA card arrangements, so long as it is not duplicating services provided by the facility.

This initiative will commence on 1 October 2022 when the new Australian National Aged Care Classification funding model commences.

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