Entitlements for those who served in the former Yugoslavia or the Tanker War

Former Yugoslavia in the 1990s

If you served as an Australian Defence Force (ADF) member in the former Yugoslav republics between 12 January 1992 and 24 January 1997, you might be eligible for a range of benefits including a means-tested Service Pension at age 60 and/or the automatic grant of the Gold Card at age 70.

The Department of Defence has recently issued a new allotment instrument for service in the former Yugoslav republics during that period. It covers certain ADF members who served there on attachment with allied forces.

Eligible veterans can lodge a claim for Qualifying Service through MyService or by completing form D0506 ‘Claim to Determine Qualifying Service by a Current or ex-Member of the ADF’.

For privacy reasons, details of these members cannot be published. Most affected members already have qualifying service accepted and have no need to apply. Where relevant members are known to us and do not already have qualifying service accepted, DVA has attempted to contact them.

Gulfs of Oman and Iran in the 1980s (Tanker War)

Defence has recently clarified that certain members of the Royal Australian Navy who served on attachment with UK or US forces in the Gulfs of Oman and/or Iran between 17 November 1986 and 28 February 1989 are considered to have Hazardous Service. If that applies to you, your service might be recognised as Hazardous Service under the Veterans’ Entitlements Act 1986 (VEA).

Consideration of claims

Veterans with the above service may be eligible for a Disability Pension under the VEA for any injuries or disease that arose from this service. Claims will be considered against the Reasonable Hypothesis Statements of Principles issued by the Repatriation Medical Authority and against the more generous reverse criminal standard of proof.

If you believe you have a medical condition that was caused or aggravated by any of your ADF service, DVA encourages you to lodge a compensation claim through MyService.