Vetaffairs Crossword

We hope you enjoy our first Vetaffairs crossword.

1 April 2021

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For help with the questions, in particular those relating to Anzac Day, you might want to visit DVA’s Anzac Portal.

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An empty crossword puzzle


4 WWII warship; also a model of Chevrolet
7 Commander of Turkish forces at Gallipoli
8 An espadrille is a kind of __
9 General Sir William ___ was ANZAC commander at Gallipoli
11 Vietnam War operation covered in this edition
12 Abbreviation of RAAF’s predecessor
14 The one- and two-dollar coins are made from copper, nickel and __
15 The online portal replacing MyAccount


1 A quadrille is a kind of __
2 In which sport would you encounter a chukka?
3 Last word in RAAF’s motto
4 Someone skilled in making or solving crosswords
5 Descriptive of someone of few words
6 The DVA website’s digital assistant
10 The empire the Anzacs fought at Gallipoli
13 One higher than an OAM
15 A mandrill is a kind of __
16 Months the Gallipoli campaign lasted