Veterans on track to save over $10.7 million

As the official partner of DVA’s Veterans’ Recognition Program, Australian Partners of Defence (APOD) reported in August 2020 that veterans accessing benefits through APOD have saved $10.7 million.

28 October 2020

‘I like the wide variety of businesses that help save my family money’ – Jake NT

Facing everything from bushfires to COVID-19 in the past nine months, these savings have provided much-needed assistance for more than 71,656 veteran families using the APOD platform. By supporting those businesses who recognise them, the veteran community has also assisted to stimulate the economy during this challenging time.

‘APOD provides opportunities to my family that we previously couldn’t afford’ – Louise SA 

Veterans have saved on a range of everyday items including groceries, car tyres, electrical items, fuel, accommodation and more. Each week up to a dozen new discounts are added to the APOD platform, from large national organisations to small local business and a vast range of veteran-owned businesses.

‘I like that APOD allows me to support veteran-owned businesses’ – Harrison VIC 

APOD is available to veterans and their spouse entirely free of charge. If you haven’t already, you can register online at, or contact their friendly team on 1300 00 APOD (1300 00 2763).

APOD is a small Australian organisation founded and run by veteran families, for veteran families. Established in 2012, APOD is passionate about supporting veterans and their families by facilitating access to discounts and benefits in recognition of their service.

*Quotes from APOD Survey conducted July 2020. Summary available on the APOD website.


two men wearing medals pose in front of Toyota SUV

Dennis Oldenhove (President) and Mark Stewart-Jones (Vice President) of the Macclesfield RSL at the launch of an APOD offer by Adelaide Oval and Peter Kittle Toyota.