Vale Mostyn Berryman

On 6 August 2020, Mostyn (Moss) Berryman passed away peacefully at his daughter’s home at the age of 96 years. He was cremated in Adelaide on 15 August.

Portrait of Mostyn (Moss) Berryman.

Mostyn (Moss) Berryman.

Moss was a member of Operation Jaywick, one of the most well-known special forces missions of the Second World War.

In 1943, Moss and his crew mates sailed to Singapore, deep inside Japanese-held territory, aboard a requisitioned Japanese sampan they called the Krait. Disguised as Malay fishermen they completed one of the most daring raids of the Second World War — a limpet mine attack on enemy shipping in Japanese-occupied Singapore harbour. The commandos sunk seven ships and the entire team returned to Australia alive.

Moss was the last remaining member of Operation Jaywick.

We published a profile on Moss in the Autumn 2020 edition of Vetaffairs.