Support our veterans’ families — Become a Legatee

Legacy marked one of the most important events on its calendar — Legacy Week — from 30 August to 5 September.

28 October 2020

But this year, the normal commemorative events and fundraising activities by Legacy’s 45 clubs were put on hold because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Instead, activities largely focused on the virtual — with clubs posting to social media, promoting online fundraising activities, and holding events with their community via Zoom.

Legacy’s volunteers, Legatees, are the organisation’s backbone and provide localised support for military families doing it tough during times of isolation.

Group Captain Glasson (left) next to a Legacy stand, holding a Legacy bear

RAAF Warrant Officer Scott Biddell is a serving Legatee who says he always wanted to volunteer, quickly realising that Legacy would be the right fit — and the perfect extension to his Australian Defence Force service.

WOFF Biddell learned being a Legatee can involve a range of activities, from assisting with enrolment in Legacy and entitlement applications, organising fundraising initiatives, to helping with minor repairs to widows’ homes.

Investing a little time into something meaningful and worthwhile is something that WOFF Biddell recommends for people who might be interested in volunteering for Legacy.

‘It requires compassion, understanding and a willingness to put service before self, and in whatever capacity, they make a worthy contribution to one of the longest- standing, most trusted and respected charities in the country,’ he said.

Meeting likeminded people with interests in Defence and volunteering helped Group Captain David Glasson (photo, left) realise that Legacy was a great match.

GPCAPT Glasson says often the smallest things can provide the best support.

‘A phone call or card on their birthday or at Christmas can mean so very much — sometimes these chats can bring up a welfare issue or area of concern that may require some more assistance,’ he said.

To someone who might consider volunteering for Legacy, GPCAPT Glasson says it was one of the best things he has taken on.

‘It is really such a small amount of effort for a huge reward and a sense of accomplishment. Legacy is a very supporting organisation and it is accommodating to how much time you have to give.’

Despite COVID-19, clubs are still looking for volunteers who can provide assistance remotely and support those in their care. If you are interested in becoming a Legatee you can find out more at and fill out an application form or call 1800 LEGACY (1800 534 229).