Queensland War Widows are Zooming!

The social isolation and loneliness that have resulted from the COVID‑19 pandemic have led the Australian War Widows Queensland (AWWQ) to ’think outside the box’ for a way to connect its members.

Zoom video conferencing has become extremely popular for workplaces, friends and families to stay connected and has certainly been embraced during these difficult times.

Although AWWQ was keen to use this technology, the challenge was that many members had limited computer skills or experience. Many also lacked confidence, and thought that Zoom was not within their capabilities.

The AWWQ Zoom School proved them wrong.

AWWQ members who had a computer, tablet or smart phone and an email address were invited to enrol at ‘Zoom School’.

Individual lessons conducted via phone, which were tailored to the skill level and technology available to each member, proved a wonderful success. All students were successfully able to use Zoom.

Lessons were conducted with patience, respect and encouragement. The number of lessons required varied with each individual and was decided by them. Pictorial tutorials for computers, tab-lets and smart phones were also created to further assist members.

AWWQ is now using Zoom on a regular basis to connect members from all over Queensland. Sub-branch committees have been able to share ideas and support each other. The ’Zoom Ladies’ after-noon tea connects members for a regular chat over a cuppa.

Apart from helping with social isolation and enhancing communication, ‘Zoom School’ has instilled confidence in these women who have been able to have a go at this type of technology in a safe and supportive environment.

Coming soon: Facebook School.

Please contact Australian War Widows Queensland on 07 3846 7706 or email admin [at] warwidowsqld.org.au for further information.

mosaic photo of various women on zoom